2011 is Here…Now What?

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As I watched the Rose Bowl Parade it was interesting to see the top resolutions for 2011 as they scrolled across the screen:

Lose weight

Save money

Make more money

Spend time with family

For many people the resolutions look the same year after year. Why? Because they actually only make progress for a short period of time before those goals are abandoned. With years of fruitless and undistinguished efforts behind them, some people have now actually resolved not to make resolutions.

The challenge with most resolutions is that they are simply statements of intent. Many of these are ambiguous in nature, such as those listed above. With nothing specific and without any actual plan on how to accomplish the statement, how could anyone ever be successful regardless of how hard they worked toward the goal?

If your experience with goal setting has been frustrating…I encourage you to take a look at five components I look at when working with setting goals.

Examine priorities. What is really important?

Craft  life value statements

Set goals.

Create an action plan.

AND don’t forget accountability… the support team that will encourage you and yet hold your feet to the fire to get it done.

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