Back to Basics Bootcamp with Sara Hand

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Prepare and Position for Success! With more than 45 clients over the last five years, Sara Hand has been the secret weapon for individuals and corporations who desire an experienced business-development strategist to identify new profit opportunities and practical courses of action. On July 27, 2012, Sara Hand will be hosting a “Back to Business Basics: Profitability Bootcamp”  for a limited number of business professionals in the Gulf Coast region. The session will share the key principles of “profit-opportunity identification” and the pragmatic planning necessary to exploit those opportunities with systems and tools useful to implementation. The session is limited to businesses with a capitalization range of $30,000 to $400,000. The cost is $179. The day will start at 8:15 for check-in, networking with other particpants and early morning refreshments. During the morning, we will look at 4 crucial components of success. You unique value proposition – What makes you unique and special? – Why do your clients use you and not someone else? ? – Why should they use you? – If everything is equal, business is all about price. Is that what you want to compete on? Your market – Everyone is not your prospect. – Who do you provide the most value to? – Who is it you most enjoy working with? Your model – How do you make money? – How could you increase revenues? – Focus? Your message – Crafting a message that connects what makes you unique to the ideal prospect you identified and results in increased revenue and influence.   After lunch: From prospect to referral what does it take to support your message to profitability? The system – Do you reinvent the wheel with every prospect? The tools – Do you have the tools to support your system? The mindset – How do you deal with the neagtive buzz in the media? – How do you pick up the phone or meet with person after person? AND the TEAM! – Success does not happen in a vacuum. – It takes people – AND people who know how to work together. Ticket Choices Back to Basics$179.00 USD Katz$150.00 USD   Yes, it will be a full day! However I believe and have seen...

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