Achieve the Incredible in 2012

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Achieve the Incredible Register Here Leadership is not a job or a role that you play, but a lifestyle – an expression of who you are. When you plant words of life, you reap rapport and relationship. Rapport and relationship positions you for influence and influence can position you for almost anything.  However influence and leadership are not cheap. There is a price to pay. A price of accountability and of responsibility to those you lead, to those over whom you have influence. Good leadership doesn’t make decisions based on today or even just tomorrow. Seeds of greatness lie within each individual. For many, those seeds will remain just that, seeds of unrealized potential and possibility. From others greatness will emerge. Lives will be changed and the world impacted as their choices ripple outward. What makes the difference between those who become great and those who don’t? They have a vision for something that is bigger than just them and extends beyond just today. It is a dream fueled by passion and connected to action. They deal with the uncomfortable, awkward and negative issues, situations and relationship challenges that arise. They know that simply waiting for “it” to go away could leave them waiting for the rest of their life and time is precious.  They understand the power of consequence and so do not make decisions solely on the comfort and convenience of today.  They take action…EVERY DAY! They have accepted responsibility for the realization of their vision and move toward it step by step, day by day. They don’t despise the small steps, but are thankful for even small increments of progress.  They have not only defined what they like, BUT ALSO what they don’t like. They don’t focus on the “NO’s”. However by clearly defining what “NO” looks like, they are able to recognize what carries negative influences much sooner. They operate with grace. Because they choose to forgive, they are free to move forward and are not tied to the past.  They know their own strengths and weaknesses and are not threatened by others whose strengths and weaknesses are different from their own. They appreciate the power and synergy that comes when working with others. They...

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FREE Teleseminar “So you are not reaching your goals? 5 often overlooked issue that may be stopping you.”

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Want to get 2011 off to a good start? Maybe you have spent some time thinking about what you want the new year to be like. Maybe you have even spent some time putting together a plan to bring those things to pass. However if you are like many people, you have plans that you have never completed. If you have big goals and 2011 is the year to make them happen…Consider joining Sara on Monday, December 27th for a FREE teleseminar on some overlooked issues that might be keeping you from making those goals a...

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FOCUS, a value proposition for business growth?

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The business world we live in is not the same as it was several years ago. As owners and professionals attempt to make sense of a changed landscape, diversification has been a common tactic. For many this may make sense, for others in their attempt to meet every need they have become so diversified that they no longer have a clear message. Seth Godin, popular author and blogger:  “Pick the biggest market you can successfully dominate, the biggest slice where you can get through the Dip and be seen as the best in that world. If you can become number one in your niche, you’ll get more than your fair share of profits, glory, and long-term security.”      The enemy of FOCUS is fear of loss.  Often used in conjunction with the term abundance, is the common misnomer “Everyone is my prospect.”  Yet no matter how good you are and how much what you offer is used by the general  public, it is true that some people will like you and some people won’t. Consider these points:  Focus: Where do you provide the most value? What makes you unique?  Market: All the prospects you could serve. Market Segment: A segment is a portion, a particular group within your potential prospects that share similar characteristics. Ideal Prospect: The best potential prospect for your purpose. Value Proposition: A stance on how you provide value and what makes you unique, combined with the needs of the prospect that can most benefit from what you provide, AND can reward you profitably for providing this VALUE!  Success is in finding those who will like...

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The process of preparation…

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I had this guy I worked for who would say, “Now we’ll know how good you really are.” You just wanted to smack him. However, there is some truth in that. It is one thing to perform well, when all the pieces are in place and life is “good”. It is another to rise to the occasion against all odds and perform well. Everything has changed…pretty much…and it is not really comfortable. Ok, it’s worse than not comfortable, there are some days that when you get to the end you feel pulverized. Taken down to the most common element that is you…where it is your heart, your passion that sustains you and keeps you moving forward. It certainly isn’t because you feel like it. So innumerable individuals are abandoning the sinking ship of what was and are attempting to reinvent who they are and what they do. Yet as painful as this might be there is something incredible that is emerging. •It is a new shape of business. •It is starting with individuals and moving through businesses and out into communities. •It is about partnering, collaborating and about working together. What did not happen by chance has happened by necessity. Being ground in preparation, we are being perfected through the fire and will emerge as steel stronger, more beautiful and more resilient than ever. Now we will see, as individuals and as communities, “How good are we...

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Are you…looking for an expert?

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In 2004 the American Society for Documentation and Training claimed that knowledge was doubling every 18 months. Who can keep up with that? It is not in knowing ALL the answers, but is in knowing where and from whom to get answers. Resourcing your business through connections with professionals across industries is crucial to the success of any...

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