Back to Basics Bootcamp with Sara Hand

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Prepare and Position for Success! With more than 45 clients over the last five years, Sara Hand has been the secret weapon for individuals and corporations who desire an experienced business-development strategist to identify new profit opportunities and practical courses of action. On July 27, 2012, Sara Hand will be hosting a “Back to Business Basics: Profitability Bootcamp”  for a limited number of business professionals in the Gulf Coast region. The session will share the key principles of “profit-opportunity identification” and the pragmatic planning necessary to exploit those opportunities with systems and tools useful to implementation. The session is limited to businesses with a capitalization range of $30,000 to $400,000. The cost is $179. The day will start at 8:15 for check-in, networking with other particpants and early morning refreshments. During the morning, we will look at 4 crucial components of success. You unique value proposition – What makes you unique and special? – Why do your clients use you and not someone else? ? – Why should they use you? – If everything is equal, business is all about price. Is that what you want to compete on? Your market – Everyone is not your prospect. – Who do you provide the most value to? – Who is it you most enjoy working with? Your model – How do you make money? – How could you increase revenues? – Focus? Your message – Crafting a message that connects what makes you unique to the ideal prospect you identified and results in increased revenue and influence.   After lunch: From prospect to referral what does it take to support your message to profitability? The system – Do you reinvent the wheel with every prospect? The tools – Do you have the tools to support your system? The mindset – How do you deal with the neagtive buzz in the media? – How do you pick up the phone or meet with person after person? AND the TEAM! – Success does not happen in a vacuum. – It takes people – AND people who know how to work together. Ticket Choices Back to Basics$179.00 USD Katz$150.00 USD   Yes, it will be a full day! However I believe and have seen...

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Prepare and Position if you want to ride the wave of success.

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As I prepared for my “Back to Basics” Bootcamp this week, that I purposely scheduled for the last Friday in July, it really brought home the truths from an article I have written, If You are Normal You only have About 21 Weeks to get it Right. This week, although I thought the 4th of July was a single day celebration, as I attempted to make phone calls and connect with people to work, I discovered that a good portion of my connections took at least the whole week off. So for me, it meant that I had the opportunity to work on some other “to do” items in addition to my workshop, like get ready for cloud migration next week. While everyone is on vacation that last week of July, consider joining me on Friday, July 27th for “Back to Basics.” If you only have 21 weeks, you want to make sure you get them right! If You are Normal You only have About 21 Weeks to get it Right… It’s hot. It’s rainy. The kids are getting restless as the time to go back to school approaches and so are the parents. Business owners have been playing phone tag around summer vacations, and long weekends. In Florida, on August 20th that will all change and everything will begin to get back to normal. At least that is what many people will tell themselves. Once we get back from vacation, once the kids get back in school, once Labor Day weekend is over… Not everyone can ride a wave… If your business only runs well during normal, you are looking at a brief 7-8 weeks before Halloween gets here and then Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving everyone will be waiting to make decisions at the start of the New Year. In the beginning of the year it will take a couple weeks for everyone to get back in the swing of things after a long break. Then again, there will be a brief 7-8 weeks before Spring Break and Easter Holidays disrupt normal business. Somewhere after Spring Break we have another 7 weeks or so before graduations, weddings and summer vacations kick in again. 21 weeks of normal sounds ridiculous!...

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BarCamp Sarasota Spring 2012 Event Details

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BarCamp Sarasota Spring 2012  As a co-founder of BarCamp Sarasota  I am excited to say we have an incredible event coming up. My favorite BarCamp Sarasota complaint was that it just didn’t last long enough. I don’t know how we did this, but this Spring it looks like we have 4 days of activites. Check out the details below, and if you haven’t registered yet…”Get it done!” Sarasota BarCampers – If you haven’t registered yet, do so at Just days away…We have an action-packed weekend planned, with a number of different events available for you to attend. Here’s the schedule of events for the weekend: Thursday May 3 – Casual after-hours event at Shakespeare’s Pub, starting at 5:30pm Friday May 4 – STF Business Expo at the Municipal Auditorium. 12-5pm – SarasotaDev – Shaun Walker, founder of the DotNetNuke Project. 2-4pm – Weekend Kickoff Party – Broadway Bar. Starts at 5:30pm Saturday May 5 – BarCamp Conference event at G.WIZ Science Museum. 9am – 5pm – Conference after-party – Broadway Bar. Starts at 5:30pm Sunday May 6 – BarCamp Conference event at G.WIZ Science Museum. 9am – 3pm Plan to attend the Technology Conference & Expo 2012, presented in partnership with the Suncoast Technology Forum. The Expo will feature the latest business and technology innovations developed by companies all along the Suncoast. Attendees will engage with an array of exhibitors showcasing leading edge technologies that create efficiencies, reduce costs and enhance area companies’ competitive advantages. A diverse range of business solutions will be on display, including consumer devices, interactive technologies, business IT, cloud, hardware, software, VoIP telecommunications solutions, health tech, green tech, wireless, mobile applications, and more. Admission is $10 per person… Everyone is welcome, Register Today! As an open-format conference where everyone is welcome to speak on any topic they’re passionate about (note: please do not sell your product or service) sessions aren’t scheduled in advance. The agenda is created the day of the event. If you don’t want to present a topic alone, join a panel or start a panel of your own. If you’re not speaking and have already registered – you don’t need to do anything (except show up for the event!). Check out the speaker list – to...

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Will 2012 be your year…or will it be more of the same?

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No change means no change. Join Sara Hand for Setting Goals and Making “IT” Happen… Because setting goals is not enough! Thursday, December 1st 8 am-9:30 am AND Thursday December 8th 8 am-9:30 am For many people they simply dust off last year’s goals and change the date and are ready to face a new year. Somewhere they heard that if you simply get those goals on paper, that’s “most” of what it takes. For some people it happens that way. But what about all those people that write goals year after year and it doesn’t happen for them? Could there be more? In this 2 sessions workshop series we are going to deal with 5 components to setting and achieving goals: Priorities …Life Values …Goals …Action Plans …AND Accountability “This workshop needs a disclaimer, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and I set goals with clients all the time.” Professional coach workshop attendee Cost $99        Pre-registration is necessary at: Questions Call 941-228-4033 or Networking at 7:40 am Sessions start promptly at 8 am 2300 Bee Ridge Road #305| Sarasota, FL 34239 This workshop is for you if you want to accomplish and complete the goals you set and are prepared to deal with belief systems, whether conscious or unconscious, that currently stand in the...

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If you missed Focus the first time…

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If you missed Sara’s “Focus: A  Value proposition for business growth” workshop, don’t worry you have one more chance this year. Starting on Thursday, November 10th Sara will be repeating this favorite 2 session study. If you have wondered what you could do to take your business to the next level and found the choices overwhelming. this might be the place to start. Focus is about fine tuning your message. It is about understanding your market and deciding to strategically grow your business by identifying which segments of your market to pursue and when. The cost for the 2 sessions is $99 and pre-registration for this limited group is required. Contact Sara at 941-228-4033 or  to reserve your place today. Networking starts at 7:40 with sessions starting promptly at 8am. Thursday, November 10th 8am-9:30am and Thursday, November 17th...

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First of Fall Workshop Series – FOCUS: A value proposition for business growth

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Two session workshop with Sara HandThursday 8am-9:30am October 27th and Thursday, November 3rd Whether your company is new or has been around for a while, a strategic approach to marketing with a practical plan for implementation can revolutionize your cash flow. What will you learn? Focus: Where do you provide the most value? What makes you unique?  Everyone is not your prospect, so… Getting your message out is important. Getting your message out to someone who could be your prospect is more important. Getting a message out that distinguishes your business as unique and different to someone who could be your prospect is essential if you don’t want to compete on price alone. Market: Who are your potential prospects? Of all your potential prospects, where do you start?  A segment is a portion, a particular group within your potential prospects that share similar characteristics. Your ideal prospect is the best potential prospect for your purpose. Your value proposition is a stance on how you provide value and what makes you unique, combined with the needs of the prospect that can most benefit from what you provide, AND can reward you profitably for providing this VALUE! Eliminate excuses and begin to take control of what and how much business is coming into your company. “Pick the biggest market you can successfully dominate, the biggest slice where you can get through the Dip and be seen as the best in that world. If you can become number one in your niche, you’ll get more than your fair share of profits, glory, and long-term security.”                                                        Seth Godin SUCCESS starts by showing up. For most this is too early, too much work or just too much money! Sessions start promptly at 8am, refreshments and networking at 7:40am Cost to attend $99 Payment accepted: check, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express Call 941-228-4033 to pre-register or email What could happen if you could produce better results and optimize your time, money and intellectual efforts? What would it be like if your business made more money from the same amount of effort you were currently putting in? What would that look like! It won’t just happen; you are going to need to do something...

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