Don’t have time to train? You don’t have time not to!

By on Oct 20, 2010 in Leadership | 0 comments

Whether you are hiring a new sales person, an office assistant or a C level position…training is crucial. Yes, I know you hired a skilled professional. You waded through the multitude of resumes and unqualified applicants to find this accomplished individual, yet training can make or break the deal.
Taking the time to train or acclimatize a new hire is all about a corporate culture that empowers your team for success. It demonstrates the value that you place on that position. Yes, a manual with well thought out policies and well defined processes are good. Even in cultures that thrive on creativity and collaboration, order is a good thing.

Taking the time to communicate and to facilitate team building, with your most recent additions, builds an atmosphere of trust and commitment. If you don’t want to wade through several more stacks of resumes or put out feelers several months down the road…yes, I know there are great people out there, but great people are still looking for a great place to contribute.
Speaking of training…make sure you help your current team stay updated on the skill sets they need for premium performance.
Save time, and save on the drama. Good people are worth the effort!

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