Setting Goals AND Making “IT” Happen!

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Will 2011 be your year? You choose…

Setting goals is not enough. For many people they simply dust off last year’s goals and change the date and are ready to face a new year. Somewhere they heard that if you simply get those goals on paper, that’s most of what it takes. For some people it happens that way. But what about all those people that write goals year after and year and “it” doesn’t happen for them?

Could there be more?

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In this 2 session workshop series we are going to deal with 5 components to setting and achieving goals: Priorities…Life Values…Goals…Action Plans…And Accountability. This is for people who want to accomplish and complete the goals they set. This is for people who are prepared to deal with the belief systems (conscious or unconscious) that currently stand in the way.

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 “This workshop needs a disclaimer, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and I set goals with clients all the time.” Professional coach workshop attendee

Join Sara Thursday, January 6th 8am-10am

And Thursday January 13th 8am-10am

$179 Pricing includes both sessions. Pre-registsration is necessary.

Save $35 if you pre-reguster by January 3rd.

Man lives by values; all his enterprises and activities…make sense only in terms of some structure of purposes which are values in action.                                                         Will Herberg


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